TEL AVIV, Israel, July 16, 2019 – PRESS RELEASE – Kanabo Research Ltd., an Israeli R&D canna-tech company, has announced that it has signed...

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 16, 2019 – PRESS RELEASE – Kanabo Research Ltd., an Israeli R&D canna-tech company, has announced that it has signed a cooperative agreement with Kibbutz Gezer to establish a joint cultivation facility for medicinal cannabis.

Kanabo, which develops, medically validates and commercializes vape-based medicinal cannabis and CBD formulations, will collaborate with Kibbutz Gezer to develop operations to cultivate and further develop the variety of medicinal cannabis strains utilized for Kanabo’s extraction and formulation activities.

The Kibbutz, originally founded by immigrants from the U.S., is situated near the coast of central Israel, an ideal location for cannabis cultivation, as it benefits from low humidity, long daylight hours and optimal temperatures ranging from 18 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Another factor that makes the Kibbutz the perfect partner in this endeavor is that it has two cannabis licenses, one for the cultivation of cannabis and the other for the development of new genetic strains. Kibbutz Gezer has a wealth of experience in cultivation at competitive costs and while the initial stage of the deal will be for 30,000 SQM, the kibbutz has the capacity to increase cultivation area up to 100,000 SQM in the same approved land.

The partnership will allow Kanabo to continue the development and commercialization process for its patented formulations and medically certified vaporizer platform, with the goal of providing safe, easy-to-use, non-smoking options for medical cannabis patients and CBD consumers in the Israeli and European markets.

Avihu Tamir, founder and CEO of Kanabo Research, noted, “This exciting collaboration will enable us to combine the professional and scientific knowledge we have accumulated in the development of medical cannabis extraction formulas for the treatment of various medical disorders with the agricultural and agronomic capabilities of Kibbutz Gezer.”

Laura Spector of Kibbutz Gezer said, “Kibbutz Gezer is looking forward to beginning our cooperation with Kanabo. We believe that medical cannabis is at the forefront of organic medical solutions to numerous medical issues, and with our new partners we can contribute to ease suffering worldwide. We are in the process of obtaining necessary building permits for the greenhouses and support structures in order to meet the very strict standards the government has instituted. The members of our community are anxious to begin growing while strengthening ties with Kanabo.”

Kanabo develops and medically validates both medicinal cannabis formulas with THC and over the counter formulas without THC, in addition to dose-controlled vaporizers for precise, easy-to-use delivery. Vaporizers provide the benefits of inhalation without the risks of smoking, and studies have shown that inhalation provides more cannabinoids in a shorter amount of time than other delivery methods. Kanabo’s products provide both medical cannabis patients and CBD consumers with the opportunity to accurately measure dosage and maintain control of their experience.

Tamir continued, “While working on the agreement, we have found our partners at Kibbutz Gezer to possess exceptional experience, enthusiasm and professionalism, which will undoubtedly help drive the success of  our joint initiative and enable us to extend our reach in the European market.”

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