Have Canada's federal and provincial governments put their most cannabis-ignorant politicians in charge of legalizing cannabis? That's how it seems. Quebec is the... Anti-Cannabis Dinosaurs Continue to Undermine Industry

Cannabis legalization is (gradually) sweeping the world.

The problem? The politicians currently responsible for passing these enabling laws are, generally speaking, irredeemable idiots who know nothing at all about cannabis.

While Canada is ahead of most of the world in normalizing cannabis usage, its politicians are every bit as ignorant regarding cannabis as anywhere else. The Seed Investor has pointed to this idiocy previously.

For the benefit of any politicians reading this, let’s quickly review cannabis facts.

Cannabis is non-toxic and non-addictive. Cannabinoids, the active ingredients in the cannabis plant, are produced naturally in the human body. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose.

Unfortunately, the mental midgets in government continue to act like they are legalizing heroin, or something equally dangerous – like nicotine. The Seed Investor has already targeted Bill Blair, the federal Minister in charge of cannabis legalization in Canada.

…Blair reveals his real intentions elsewhere in the BNN Bloomberg article.

“It’s not the government’s intention to promote the use of this drug but rather to make it legally available in a well-regulated manner to reduce the social and health harms often associated with cannabis use.” [emphasis mine]

Utter nonsense.

We now see that these new regulations have nothing to do with eliminating the black market for cannabis. These regulations are aimed only at deviously framing cannabis as a dangerous drug – and undermining (not facilitating) the transition to legal cannabis.

There are no known “harms” associated with cannabis usage. Just a lot of ludicrous anti-cannabis myths that can’t stand up to real science.

Yet idiots like Blair want to discourage cannabis usage, when we should be encouraging cannabis usage – as a safe alternative to genuinely dangerous drugs like alcohol and nicotine (and opiates). The potential savings in healthcare dollars alone are enormous.

Sadly, we now see there is actually someone in Canada who knows even less about cannabis than Bill Blair: Quebec’s Junior Health Minister, Lionel Carmant.

A CBC article reports on the absurd, irrational laws being cobbled together in Quebec as Phase 2 of legalization (next-generation cannabis products) is about to kick in. No cannabis desserts/sweets. No cannabis skin creams.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the province’s junior health minister said federal cannabis regulations don’t go far enough in protecting children from accidentally consuming the drug.

“To reduce the risk of accidental poisoning in children, we are proposing a ban on the sale of products that are attractive to them, like chocolate and gummies,” Lionel Carmant said in the statement

. [emphasis mine]

Let’s review the facts, again. Cannabis is non-toxic. No one has ever died from a cannabis overdose. Quebec is (supposedly) “protecting children” from a harm that does not exist.

In comparison. Alcohol is toxic – and addictive. Yet alcohol-infused sweets are being legally sold, including in the province of Quebec. Why do politicians continually obsess about “protecting” children from cannabis, the one drug that can’t kill them?

Stupidity. Prejudice derived from the 100 years of anti-cannabis propaganda that accompanied Prohibition. But that’s no excuse.

Ironically, it’s actually the sugar in cannabis edibles that would be more dangerous to children, not the cannabis. Cannabis isn’t toxic, but refined sugar is.

Our political leaders have a duty to the people to educate themselves in the areas in which they plan to pass laws. This includes educating themselves on cannabis. They refuse.

Political leaders in Canada (and the United States) continue to choose to remain ignorant concerning cannabis. Ignorance is curable. Stupidity is terminal.

This continues to delay the normalization of cannabis and the rise of the cannabis industry. When cannabis investors look for an answer as to why their investments have underperformed, they can find one, in three words.

Idiots in government.

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