Wallace Grafton July 27th, 2018 Exclusive, Feature Stories, News James E. Wagner Cultivation (TSX.V: JWCA), or JWC for short, is revolutionizing the cannabis... Aeroponics Can Change Cannabis Cultivation

Wallace Grafton

July 27th, 2018

Exclusive, Feature Stories, News

James E. Wagner Cultivation (TSX.V: JWCA), or JWC for short, is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with its aeroponic cultivation technology. The company’s innovative GrowthStorm™ system, based on NASA-developed technology, allows for high yield and efficient production of clean and consistent cannabis crops. In an increasingly crowded Canadian cannabis market, the proprietary system sets JWC apart from its competitors and provides unique value to the company.

GrowthStorm™ Aeroponics

JWC’s proprietary GrowthStorm™ platform is a 4-part aeroponics growing system that allows the roots of the cannabis plants to be suspended in the air in a closed-loop growth chamber.  The roots are misted with nutrient-rich water at prescribed intervals, and because the roots are dangling in nothing but air, they are better able to absorb the nutrients and oxygen, which, in turn, has several benefits, including larger yields, a short growth cycle, and overall improved plant health.

GrowthStorm™ uses less water and much less space to grow the same number of plants as a soil-based grow system. GrowthStorm™ also limits crop disease by eliminating the need for soil or other growing media, which are often the vehicles for disease transmission. Additionally, if a plant does become infected it can be easily removed without disturbance to the surrounding plants.

JWC’s ground-breaking platform allows for a level of control that is not possible with any other system.  The company has worked diligently to expand its original operation’s consistent methodology to a much larger production scale. The team designed a system that starts with healthy plant cuttings and finishes as clean, consistent medical cannabis, using processes and equipment designed to maximize the efficiency of the total system.

Typically grown cannabis plants have a higher cannabinoid count in the buds near the top of the plant and a lower cannabinoid count on the lower branches. The GrowthStorm™ system allows for more standardized cannabinoids over the entire plant resulting in a more consistent dose and a higher quality product for the company’s patients.

Additionally, the facility utilizes a series of grow rooms to enable perpetual harvesting. This allows for significantly greater yields and more accuracy in the prediction of harvest volume and timelines to meet patient demand for its products. JWC has partnered with Price Industries to create a system that results in the perfect humidity and temperature control to create an ideal growing environment, resulting in a product without any need for irradiation or cold pasteurization.

Growth for the Future

It is important to note that JWC is a family business, built on the legacy of the family patriarch James E Wagner.  James was a farmer who spent most of his life out in the fields, growing everything imaginable on the family farm.  Throughout his long farming career, he passed his knowledge and passion for growing quality crops on to his children and grandchildren. He grew cannabis too, and it was Grandpa Jim who offered support and advice when the first members of their group proposed the addition of medical cannabis to their business model.  James E. Wagner passed away peacefully at the age of 89, in November 2017, but his legacy lives on in the family business.

JWC is looking to the future with the construction of a second site facility at its Kitchener, Ontario operation. This expansion will increase its current 15,000 square feet facility to 345,000 square feet, and it is anticipated that targeted production will increase from around 1500 kg/year to more than 28,500 kg/year. The new facility also brings an increase in staff as well – from the nearly 50 currently, to over 400 employees.  JWC anticipates that when completed, the new facility will be the largest aeroponic grow operation for any crop in the world.

Ever forward-thinking, JWCA is also looking to expand its product line by adding cannabis oils to the current line of dried cannabis products. To this end, the company is in the process of fusing industry partnerships that will result in industrial scale cannabis oil extraction infrastructure. It is anticipated that the company will soon bring its premium cannabis products to the oils and extracts market through a variety of applications.

As James E. Wagner Cultivation looks to the future of cannabis, both in Canada and in the worldwide market, the company is committed to further developing the disruptive technology that will create new processes to cultivate cannabis and final product delivery systems that truly make it a leader in the industry.


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