An Innovative Company Combines Professional Medicine AND Natural Healing Properties Of Marijuana The marijuana boom is powering an entirely new segment of the industry... A True Ground Floor Legal Marijuana Opportunity Now Open


An Innovative Company Combines Professional Medicine AND Natural Healing Properties Of Marijuana

The marijuana boom is powering an entirely new segment of the industry in 2018…


The time to get in on the ground floor is right now.

Dear Seed Investor,


There are even dozens of publicly traded pot stocks. But should you buy any of them? Probably not…Unless you don’t mind seeing your portfolio do a Cheech and Chong and go up in smoke. 


That’s the advice CNN Money mockingly dispensed three years ago.

At the time it was the widely-held position.
It was also about the same time the Seed Investor was founded to help guide investors to capitalize on the best marijuana stocks around.
Naturally, the warning to steer clear of marijuana stocks couldn’t have been more wrong.
Anyone who listened to these and countless other “experts” would have missed out on the greatest investment opportunity in years.
Not to worry though. Legal barriers are falling around the world. Canada just fully legalized marijuana a few days ago. Germany has taken steps to legalizing it. And more states are set to join in in November’s elections.
The marijuana boom is still in the early stages and, as it grows, it’s going to create some opportunities for those investors paying close attention.
One of those specific opportunities in marijuana is still in the earliest of stages.
And as you’ll see below, one fast-growing, uniquely positioned marijuana company is at the forefront of the next big opportunity in marijuana.
Check this out.
While they’re playing catch up, the Seed Investor is making its next move and has identified a new stock that is looking like it’s set to ride the next wave in marijuana stocks.

The Next Leg Of the Marijuana Boom Starts Right Here

Marijuana stocks have been on a massive run ever since CNN and others advised to avoid the sector.
The Seed Investor has been, admittedly, a bit more tactical than many others when it comes to the marijuana sector.
We’ve prided ourselves on predicting each specific progression in the long marijuana boom up until now.
We’ve featured a number of companies including marijuana-based biotech, marijuana growth and production, and retail marijuana in anticipation of Canada’s marijuana legalization.
It has paid off each time too.
Now, we’re getting positioned for the next leg of the marijuana boom.
That is legitimate, professionally prescribed medicinal marijuana.
We’re not talking about some stereotype of a tie-dyed shirt wearing hippie recommending this or that strain of marijuana.
No. We’re talking about medical professionals designing a treatment plan around the medicinal benefits of marijuana and prescribing it to patients in a medical office setting.
This is the real deal.

How Medicinal Marijuana Goes Mainstream

Perhaps the greatest opportunity in all of marijuana is in medicinal marijuana.
Yes, the retail and recreational use marijuana markets are worth billions of dollars today and climbing towards tens of billions of dollars.
However, the medicinal benefits of marijuana have an even greater market potential to take a chunk of.
It’s simple numbers.
Marijuana has been used for centuries for its natural healing properties.
Now, it’s been viewed as an illegal and mainly recreational drug for so long though, it’s medicinal properties are so much forgotten even though they may prove to be the most valuable part of the marijuana in the long run.
Consider this.
GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) has developed Epidiolex, a drug used for treating epilepsy, by extracting the medicinal elements of a the marijuana plant and turning them into a pharmaceutical grade prescription drug.
The drug has been approved for prescription in many countries around the world and it could be approved for use in the U.S. as soon as next year.
The success of Epidiolex has propelled GW Pharmaceuticals’ shares from $9 to more than $150 over the last five years.



And that’s just one example.

Medicinal marijuana has been used effectively to treat many common conditions.

That’s the potential market for treatment-focused medicinal marijuana.
As the marijuana industry matures, you can bet these people who suffer from these will seek out medicinal marijuana.
That’s where a small company named Empower Clinics (CDN:EPW; USA:ADENF).
Empower Clinics is a newly-listed public company focused on providing medical industry quality services to the patients turning to the medicinal benefits of marijuana as a treatment for their conditions.
Empower Clinics has three fully-staffed medical clinics in Oregon, another one in Washington, and one in Chicago, Illinois. It also has an additional 10 satellite clinics throughout Washington and Oregon.



Each of these clinics looks just like a regular medical office and is staffed by a fully-licensed medical doctor (M.D.).
These are not corner pot shops. They look and operate just like medical clinics you’ll find anywhere else in the country.
If you want to see where one major untapped source of marijuana growth is just getting started, the high-end medicinal use marijuana side and Empower Clinics (CDN:EPW; USA:ADENF is a great place to start.

Bigger Than You Think: The Future Of Marijuana Industry

The marijuana industry is on the growth path to becoming a truly major industry.
In Canada the marijuana industry annual revenues are on pace to eclipse both beer and wine sales as early as 2022.

The U.S. is not far behind.
Although the U.S. political system is not as fast as Canada’s, you can miss what’s happening all around the country.
Washington and Colorado were early movers into legalizing marijuana usage.
Just a few short years later their legal marijuana industries are raking in billions of dollars in sales each year and still growing.
California, Nevada, and other states which recently fully legalized marijuana are on the same trajectory.
The medicinal marijuana side is just as exciting.
Dozens more states have made an exception by legalizing marijuana usage for medicinal purposes only.
The early numbers in these states show there’s a massive opportunity here too.
In Florida alone more than 100,000 medicinal marijuana patients have already received medicinal marijuana licenses and

are taking advantage of the medicinal benefits of this natural therapy.

At this point, even those at CNN Money and the mainstream financial media can’t deny the legal marijuana industry has years and years of massive growth ahead of it.


There will be many opportunities along the way.

The way the industry is headed right now, the companies with a high degree of professionalism like Empower Clinics (CDN:EPW; USA:ADENF) are going to ride the wave for a long time to come even though it’s still a ground-floor growth company at this time.


Best regards,



The Seed Investor





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