In Vermont, it is legal for adults to possess and consume recreational marijuana. Now, the state has rolled out what could be seen as the latest piece in its broader cannabis infrastructure. The Vermont Health Department recently launched a new online resource called “Let’s Talk Cannabis.” According to the... Read more
The New York Police Department (NYPD) has a troubled relationship with cannabis. Historically—and continuing through to the present—much of that relationship has played out in the form of racially discriminate anti-cannabis policing. For example, even though the city has taken steps to decriminalize weed, NYPD cops continue to harrass... Read more
The town of Killington, Vermont is mulling a proposed ordinance that would ban medical cannabis dispensaries from locating there. The proposal would also set penalties for the use of marijuana in a public place within city limits. “The purpose of this dispensary ordinance, there’s been some discussion about the... Read more
At least 34 cannabis plants were removed from a flower bed at the Vermont State House last week after a visitor to the state capitol in Montpelier reported their presence to law enforcement. Capitol Police Chief Matt Romei said, after the plants were discovered, that he was unsure if... Read more
A bill that would allow police to test a driver’s saliva for marijuana is being considered by Vermont lawmakers as the state prepares to legalize the drug. The roadside saliva test would not determine whether a driver was impaired, but motorists who test positive could be asked to submit... Read more
Dogs become sick after ingesting marijuana at Vermont state park
CHARLOTTE, Vt. (AP) — Two dog owners say their pets became sick after walking off-leash at Mount Philo State Park in Charlotte. One says her dog tested positive for THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. She says her dog became wobbly and incontinent after they returned home. She says... Read more
Vermont Launches Home Cultivation, Looks Ahead to Adult-Use Regulations
Although legal adult-use cannabis sales in Vermont are still a long way off, residents 21 and over are able to grow cannabis in their homes for recreational use as of July 1. Gov. Phil Scott signed legislation earlier this year to allow adults to cultivate four mature plants and... Read more
Vermont House Fails to Pass Legalization or Decriminalization Expansion, Approves Study Commission
The Vermont House did not have enough votes to pass any version of the legalization bill on Tuesday, but we are grateful to the many legislators who spoke in favor of ending marijuana prohibition and to the Senate and the governor for their leadership. An amendment that would have... Read more

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