An Oregon analytic laboratory is offering a new test for cannabis products to detect the presence of vitamin E acetate, an additive that has been implicated in the rash of vaping-related lung illnesses that have sickened hundreds and led to at least six deaths. Pixis Labs in Portland began... Read more
An Oregon individual’s death has been linked to vaping products purchased from two of the state’s cannabis shops before falling fatally ill, but officials are staying mum about which stores exactly. The state’s Health Authority has launched an investigation into the death, which occurred in July after the individual... Read more
A federal judge has ruled that an Oregon vineyard has established the legal authority to sue a neighboring cannabis growing operation. In the ruling, U.S. Senior District Judge Anna Brown found that Momzati Vineyard’s allegation that the proximity of the marijuana cultivation business had caused a “concrete financial loss”... Read more
Federal prosecutors in Portland have charged an alleged marijuana smuggler in a plot to hire a hitman to murder a business associate. According to a criminal complaint unsealed on Monday, 68-year-old John Tobe Larson attempted to hire a hitman to kill a business associate who owed him approximately $75,000... Read more
Damaging hailstorm hits Oregon hemp farms, causes potentially millions in losses
This hemp farm was on the edge of the Aug. 9 hailstorm in Central Oregon. All of these plants were 3-5 inches tall and healthy the day before this photo was taken. (Photo by Barrett Dash) Hemp farmers in Central Oregon were faced with a situation no grower wants... Read more
Winning Before Fighting: Top 12 Alternative Dispute Resolution Strategies for Cannabis Companies (Webinar)

Many people think owning and operating a cannabis business is a dream job. The reality is that any dream job can quickly become a nightmare when your business gets pulled into a dispute. Failing to resolve disputes early can be shockingly expensive. Discovery — of documents and by depositions — is usually costly, and risky…

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Oregon Hemp Litigation: Failure to Pay for 10,000 Pounds of Seeds Alleged

As we predicted, litigation concerning hemp production continues to rise. At this point, it is the rare week that we do not see at least one new lawsuit on the state or federal docket– and that is just in Oregon. Given the extraordinary growth in hemp licensure and cultivation nationwide, it seems the courts will…

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Oregon Limits the Import and Export of Hemp and Hemp Products

A few weeks ago, we explained what Oregon’s “total THC” testing requirement is and why it matters from a contractual point of view. Today, we further explore this issue and discuss how it is affecting industry players’ ability to export and import hemp and hemp products to the Beaver State. Back in 2018, Oregon law…

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Oregon Cannabis Litigation: Business Between Friends Leads to $4.2 Million Lawsuit

“A friendship founded on business is a good deal better than a business founded on friendship,” said John D. Rockefeller. In our experience, this adage applies with force in the cannabis industry where –because of its black-market origins – people became accustomed to business arrangements founded on a handshake when recourse from the legal system…

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Too much weed? Oregon’s got a marijuana surplus and officials aren’t happy
Five years after Oregon legalized recreational marijuana, its lawmakers now are trying to rein in production, fearing the state’s big weed surplus will tempt some licensed businesses to sell their products out of state or on the illegal market. Such diversions could invite a crackdown from the federal government... Read more

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