Oklahomans overwhelmingly approved a measure last summer to legalize medical marijuana. Now the treatment is in overwhelming demand. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) said this week that, as of Monday, it has approved 146,381 licenses for patients to receive medicinal cannabis, along with 958 licenses granted to caregivers.... Read more
Oklahoma’s Wild Ride to Legal MMJ
In Oklahoma the medical cannabis journey has been (and still is..) a wild ride.  In March of 2014 a nonprofit called Oklahomans For Health (OFH) was formed, to consider the medical marijuana issue.  By May of 2014 the group had cobbled together a law to circulate in the form of a... Read more
Oklahoma expanding into commercial hemp production, setting transport rules
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s freshly inked signature on legislation moves hemp from a pilot project to full commercial production plan under the 2018 Farm Bill. Stitt signed the bill on Thursday, with bipartisan support from state lawmakers. Rules should be in place in time to allow commercial production in... Read more
Oklahoma lawmakers are considering regulations on the medical marijuana industry before a statewide vote in June on whether to approve its use. The Oklahoman reports that the Senate Health and Human Services Committee narrowly approved a bill Monday that would limit how many businesses can be licensed to manufacture... Read more
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority Collects $6.5 Million In Application Fees
In less than a handful of months, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority already has raked in nearly $6.57 million in application fees. Of that, $5.45 million came from licensing medical marijuana dispensaries, growers or processors, said Melissa Miller, a spokeswoman for the state division overseeing the state’s burgeoning medical... Read more
Oklahoma Governor to Respect State’s New Marijuana Law
July 2, 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – International precision agriculture provider AgriTask has adapted its novel Agri-platform for use by medical cannabis growers who, unlike other farmers, face a unique regulatory environment. Already in wide use for other crops, the company modified the platform specifically to meet the stringent... Read more
Oklahoma Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Legalization. What’s Next?
Deeply conservative Oklahoma became the 30th U.S. state to legalize medical marijuana after voters approved a ballot initiative by a 57-43 margin on June 26. The move signaled new inroads among Bible Belt constituencies, where, by and large, state policies have restricted medical cannabis use to hemp-derived CBD products... Read more

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