The top cannabis regulator in New Jersey faced tough questioning on Thursday during a marathon hearing that looked into the oft-delayed rollout of the state’s adult-use weed program. Jeff Brown, executive director of the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee during a hearing that... Read more
No, you can’t buy marijuana in New Jersey and bring it back to Pennsylvania. Here’s why.
So you’ve heard the news? Recreational marijuana is now legal to buy in New Jersey as an adult. On the first day of sales, more than 12,000 customers bought nearly $1.9 million of recreational cannabis. But what if you don’t live in New Jersey and want to bring it... Read more
State-Level Insights: Momentum Builds Across Our Nation 
By Sadaf Naushad, NCIA Intern  Although the action-packed April must come to an end, the fight for cannabis reform never stops! With U.S. Senators delaying the much-anticipated introduction of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act (CAOA) last month, Congress has a lot of work to do.  In the meantime,... Read more
Can N.J. cops smoke weed now that it’s legal? It’s complicated.
The sale of recreational marijuana began just over a week ago in New Jersey and already public officials are facing issues, including whether law enforcement officers and other crucial employees should be allowed to smoke or use weed on their own time. The confusion started two weeks ago when... Read more
More than 12,000 customers turned out last Thursday when New Jersey kicked off recreational cannabis sales for the first time, the state reported this week.  The figures come via the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which said that 12,438 customers turned out for the grand opening, generating a total of... Read more
Here’s how much people spent on marijuana on first day of NJ legal weed sales
Customers bought nearly $2 million of legal weed for recreational use last Thursday, the first day New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries were allowed to sell to all adults over 21 years old. According to the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, the 12 medical marijuana dispensaries open for adult use... Read more
Are marijuana edibles legal in New Jersey? State recreational weed law says no. Here’s why.
New Jersey voters called for marijuana legalization in 2020, and now the government officially signed off on the start of legal recreational cannabis sales for adults. You are now able to buy cannabis flower, concentrate, ingestible forms of cannabis that aren’t food, and drops or syrups. But, you can’t... Read more
What’s still illegal under NJ marijuana legalization laws? Here’s a refresher on rules
Today, 12 New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries will begin selling legal weed to any adult over 21 years old. And while that might be the main takeaway of the New Jersey marijuana legalization laws enacted last year, there are very specific restrictions on exactly what, where and how much cannabis you... Read more
The wait is over! NJ legal weed officially for sale at 12 medical marijuana dispensaries
When it comes to legal weed, the waiting has always been the hardest part. There were the hours spent in line, through a cold night that turned cool but pleasant after the sun came up — just for the chance to be one of the first customers. “I thought maybe... Read more
Best US Marijuana Stocks For Your 420 Watchlist

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