The worsening outbreak of vape-linked illnesses and deaths has spurred lawmakers across the U.S. to take action, with officials in New Jersey and Massachusetts the latest to propose bans and other measures to curb vaping. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders are looking at a phased-in... Read more
The young mayor of a Massachusetts town is in big trouble after federal agents announced on Friday that they were bringing charges of bribery, extortion, wire fraud, and filing false tax returns against him in connection with gouging marijuana entrepreneurs looking to open businesses in his town. The crazy... Read more
UK advised by Massachusetts Commissioner to recruit former drug dealers if marijuana is legalised
Former drug dealers should be recruited and trained to produce safe, legal cannabis if the UK decides to legalise marijuana, the head of an American programme overseeing the sale of the narcotic has urged. The Commissioner in charge of legal cannabis sales in Massachusetts has said Britain should follow her state’s... Read more
Marijuana company Curaleaf fined $250,000 for not asking permission for change of ownership
The Cannabis Control Commission fined Wakefield-based marijuana company Curaleaf $250,000 for failing to disclose a change of ownership and ask permission from state regulators before completing the transaction. The agreement, signed Thursday by the commission and Curaleaf, reads, “In assessing this fine against Respondent, the Commission acknowledges that Respondent’s... Read more
Medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts say product variety dwindling as stores begin selling to recreational customers
Dan Scotland lives in northeastern Massachusetts and uses medical marijuana to treat insomnia, anxiety and sleep issues. He used to go regularly to Patriot Care in Lowell — but then the medical dispensary began selling to the recreational market. “When they went adult use, their stock pretty much dwindled,”... Read more
Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin has issued a warning to potential cannabis industry investors to be wary of scams and unscrupulous operators after filing fraud charges against two entrepreneurs in the state. In an alert released by Galvin’s office, the secretary urged investors to approach offers for... Read more
Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission approves first sale of a marijuana company
The Cannabis Control Commission on Thursday approved the state’s first acquisition of a marijuana company. The commission approved the sale of Sira Naturals to Cannabis Strategies Acquisition Corp. Sira Naturals owns three medical marijuana dispensaries, in Cambridge, Somerville and Needham. It has secured licenses to cultivate, manufacture and transport... Read more
Home delivery of marijuana could start in Massachusetts this year
Home delivery of recreational marijuana could debut in Massachusetts later this year, after regulators reached agreement on a program that would increase consumer access to cannabis while also giving a leg up to entrepreneurs affected by the war on drugs. The state Cannabis Control Commission voted 4-1 at a... Read more
Marijuana is legal in Massachusetts, but your boss doesn’t have to allow it — yet
Using marijuana is legal in Massachusetts — but that doesn’t mean your boss has to allow it. Business advocates say company policies about marijuana use are currently all over the map. But a bill sponsored by Sen. Jason Lewis, D-Winchester, would change that. Lewis’ bill, S.978, would forbid employers from... Read more
Mass. marijuana industry is mostly corporate and white. Inside one Boston battle to change that
Second in a series As dozens of black residents packed the Mildred Avenue Community Center one night in January, it looked like an ordinary — if conspicuously well-attended — neighborhood forum.  Except there was nothing ordinary about it. In attendance were three businessmen, each vying for the right to... Read more

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