Licensed cannabis retailers in Maine sold more than $1.4 million worth of marijuana products during the first month of legal recreational pot sales, according to data released by state regulators on Monday. Legal sales of adult-use cannabis began on October 9, nearly four years after voters approved recreational marijuana... Read more
Maine’s largest medical marijuana dispensary group asks to join residency lawsuit
Wellness Connection, which owns four of eight licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in Maine, filed a motion on Thursday to fight a lawsuit against the state from two small marijuana businesses over recreational cannabis licenses granted to businesses with some out-of-state ownership. It is the latest legal salvo in the... Read more
Lawsuit filed over Maine marijuana retail licenses
Two small Maine-based marijuana businesses are suing the agency that oversees recreational marijuana operations, arguing state licenses were illegally awarded to out-of-state owners. State law requires owners of marijuana operations to live in Maine and to have filed state income taxes for four years. But the Maine Office of... Read more
Officials in Maine reported on Tuesday that licensed retailers sold more than $250,000 worth of cannabis products during the state’s first weekend of legal recreational marijuana sales. The first retail cannabis dispensaries in Maine opened for business on Friday, nearly four years after voters approved recreational marijuana sales for... Read more
Mainers spent over $250K on cannabis during first weekend
October 14, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Maine residents spent more than $250,000 on marijuana over the course of the first weekend of legal retail sales of the drug in the state. Voters in the state chose to legalize adult use marijuana in 2016, but retail sales didn’t... Read more
First day of recreational pot sales in Maine yields $9,464 in sales taxes
The six marijuana shops that opened Friday across the state reported $94,643 in sales, according to the Office of Marijuana Policy. A half-dozen pot shops reported $94,643.38 in first-day sales on Friday under Maine’s new adult-use marijuana program, resulting in $9,464.34 in sales tax for the state. The preliminary... Read more
Legal recreational marijuana sales began in Maine on Friday, nearly four years after voters approved a legalization initiative in 2016. But with only eight licensed dispensaries open for the launch of legal sales and fears of looming product shortages, consumers and business owners alike are unsure what the day... Read more
A long road: Cannabis goes on sale years after approval in Maine
Mainers are getting their first opportunity to legally buy marijuana for adult recreational use, but a supply shortage is a potential buzzkill. Retailers blame the pandemic and a limited number of licensed manufacturers for reducing the variety of products available on Friday, the opening day. Licenses were issued only a month... Read more
Once shut out, Maine cannabis industry now eligible for sustainable energy grants
One of Maine’s most energy-intensive industries will no longer be shut out of the state’s energy efficiency incentive programs. The trustees of Efficiency Maine, a ratepayer-funded agency that promotes sustainable energy usage, voted 5-2 on Wednesday to reverse a ban on giving energy-efficiency grants to state-legal marijuana businesses, concluding they are... Read more
Two weeks from opening, Maine adult-use marijuana stores are eager to sell
You are here: Home / Policy & Legal / Maine / Two weeks from opening, Maine adult-use marijuana stores are eager to sell September 26, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment Businesses that have long waited to legally sell adult-use marijuana in Maine can finally open in just two... Read more

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