One of the 17 states that has yet to legalize recreational or medicinal marijuana is the site of some of the most Drug Enforcement Administration raids in the country. Last year, DEA officials seized and destroyed 418,076 cannabis plants in Kentucky. But where Kentucky really stood out was the... Read more
House Bill 136 is Kentucky’s best chance at legalizing medical marijuana. And after gathering momentum throughout 2019, it will be one of the first bills on the legislative agenda in 2020. State Representative Jason Nemes, the bill’s primary co-sponsor, is confident he has the support of enough of his... Read more
In Kentucky, a new lawsuit accuses Louisville police of conducting a frightening and unwarranted raid that was prompted by nothing more than a whiff of marijuana. The suit has been brought by Ashlea Burr and Mario Daugherty, a couple who say they were getting their three children ready for... Read more
A new hemp factory has opened that will specialize in producing a sustainably sourced wood substitute. HempWood, operated by a company called Fibonacci LLC, is the brainchild of owner Greg Wilson and his experience working with Chinese bamboo technology. His process purports to mimic the growth algorithm of oak... Read more
Kentucky’s hemp program is just about open for business. The state said that it will begin accepting applications for growers and processors wishing to receive a license to participate in the program beginning in mid-November. According to the Associated Press, Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said the application period... Read more
Marijuana Mitch? How McConnell’s hemp push has made pot busts harder
Mitch McConnell’s big victory for his home state hemp industry may have made it easier for people busted for marijuana to get off the hook. Last year, McConnell pushed to get a provision legalizing hemp into the farm bill. His goal was to spur hemp farming across the country... Read more
The capital of Kentucky, a state that lacks even a barebones medical marijuana program, has passed out of committee an ordinance regulating possession of small amounts of marijuana the lowest priority for law enforcement. The public safety committee of Louisville’s metro council voted for an ordinance on Wednesday that... Read more

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