Historic hemp records donated to University of Kentucky
A trove of business records from a 20th-century Kentucky hemp processor are now in the hands of the University of Kentucky. A family in Bourbon County donated some 17 boxes of records from the family decortication and processing business that operated from roughly 1900 to 1940. The university’s Special Collections... Read more
A medical marijuana bill that was passed last month by the Kentucky House of Representatives faces an uphill climb to approval in the state Senate. The measure, House Bill 136, was passed by representatives in February by a vote of 65 to 30. But the bill now faces consideration... Read more
For the first time ever, Kentucky’s House of Representatives has approved a bill that would allow the state’s residents access to medicinal marijuana treatment. After Thursday’s 65-30 vote in favor of passing House Bill 136, the initiative will head to the state Senate.  There, HB 136 will face its... Read more
Kentucky House passes medical marijuana bill after decade of failed attempts
Kentucky’s state House on Thursday passed a measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state after several unsuccessful earlier attempts. The bill passed the chamber in a 65-30 vote, with all but two Democrats and a majority of Republican members present voting for it, the Courier-Journal reported. The measure’s... Read more
A Tale of Two States: Enthusiasm in NY State/Hemp Processor Folds in Kentucky
Jason D. Minard, who serves as both Hempire State Growers’ in-house attorney and a grower himself, said the legislation creates the most comprehensive legal framework in the U.S. and does what the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to do. Minard, a fifth-generation farmer, said the new regulations will make... Read more
Kentucky lawmakers are considering whether to pursue medical marijuana. A new poll suggests that the people in the state are more than ready.  The survey, conducted on behalf of Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, a nonprofit in the state, found that a staggering nine in 10 of adults there... Read more
Kentucky is generally one of the slower states to adopt progressive cannabis laws. Currently, recreational weed remains illegal. So does medical marijuana. In fact, Kentucky is one of the 17 last states to implement some form of legal medical marijuana program. However, all of that could be changing. This... Read more
One of the 17 states that has yet to legalize recreational or medicinal marijuana is the site of some of the most Drug Enforcement Administration raids in the country. Last year, DEA officials seized and destroyed 418,076 cannabis plants in Kentucky. But where Kentucky really stood out was the... Read more
House Bill 136 is Kentucky’s best chance at legalizing medical marijuana. And after gathering momentum throughout 2019, it will be one of the first bills on the legislative agenda in 2020. State Representative Jason Nemes, the bill’s primary co-sponsor, is confident he has the support of enough of his... Read more
In Kentucky, a new lawsuit accuses Louisville police of conducting a frightening and unwarranted raid that was prompted by nothing more than a whiff of marijuana. The suit has been brought by Ashlea Burr and Mario Daugherty, a couple who say they were getting their three children ready for... Read more

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