Connecticut lawmakers voted on Tuesday to add chronic pain to the list of serious medical conditions that qualify an adult patient to use medical marijuana. The unanimous vote by the General Assembly’s Regulation Review Committee, which also adds the connective tissue disorders known as the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes to list,... Read more
Connecticut adds chronic pain to medical marijuana program, could double participating patients
Thousands of new patients who suffer from chronic pain will soon be able to join the state’s medical cannabis program, following a vote Tuesday morning — after no debate — by the General Assembly’s only bipartisan committee. Connecticut will now become the last state to allow chronic pain as a... Read more
Connecticut’s recreational marijuana legalization efforts in limbo
his year’s canceled legislative session prevented the General Assembly from voting on many hot-button issues — including potentially making Connecticut the 12th state to legalize recreational marijuana sales. In early March, Gov. Ned Lamont gave his full support for adult-use legalization, proposing a blueprint for establishing a regulated pot... Read more
Credit: Kira Derryberry Photography Exclusive Interview with Trulieve CEO Kim Rivers When New Cannabis Ventures last spoke with CEO Kim Rivers in November 2018, Trulieve (CSE: TRUL) (OTCQX: TCNNF) was just beginning its national expansion plans. Now, the company is continuing to dominate in Florida, and its footprint includes... Read more
In Connecticut, lawmakers are considering legislation that would regulate adult use cannabis for those 21 years and older. On Monday morning, a judiciary committee public hearing was held so that concerned citizens could weigh in on the potential historic law.  Not everyone who showed out was in favor of... Read more
Legalized recreational marijuana poses opportunities and threats to various CT business interests
Gov. Ned Lamont has filed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana, creating a $1.25-per-gram tax on the drug, which would be available for purchase to customers 21 and older beginning at the earliest, July 1, 2022. Connecticut is behind the eight ball on legalization as Massachusetts, Vermont and Maine... Read more
A proposal to legalize marijuana in Connecticut went up in smoke last year, but legislative advocates—including the state’s governor—are ready to give it another go. In his state of the state address Wednesday, Gov. Ned Lamont said that ending the prohibition on pot represents “an opportunity to right the... Read more
Connecticut lawmakers will make new push for marijuana legalization this year
January 22, 2020 by AggregatedNews Leave a Comment After coming close in 2019, Connecticut lawmakers will make another push in 2020 to regulate and tax marijuana for recreational use. The leaders of three key legislative committees met last week to discuss the effort, said Rep. Jason Rojas, chairman of... Read more
Describing it as “groundbreaking” research, Yale University School of Medicine announced Friday that it is collaborating with a major cannabis grower to study the effects of medical marijuana on mental health. Researchers at the school are teaming up with CT Pharmaceutical Solutions Inc., a Connecticut-based producer of medical marijuana... Read more
Connecticut lawmakers advance bill that would legalize marijuana, erase criminal records for low-level drug offenders
State legislators Monday narrowly advanced a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana and erase criminal records for low-level drug offenders. By a vote of 21-19, mostly along party lines, the judiciary committee passed the second legal marijuana bill of the legislative session. Both bills still have to be voted... Read more

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