These are curious days in Europe on the recreational cannabis question. On one hand, the stated intentions of both Portugal and Luxembourg to establish recreational markets as early as next year and certainly by 2023 has been on the drawing board for the past three years. On the other,... Read more
Oregon CBD company latest to allege wrongful border seizure
Oregon hemp manufacturer We CBD is the latest to accuse U.S. Customs and Border Protection of wrongly seizing legal hemp products. The company in Sandy, Oregon, says that CBP seized 3,328 pounds of hemp biomass on Nov. 8 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The hemp was destined for an unnamed buyer... Read more
Organigram CEO predicts ‘tightening regulations’ on CBD
Organigram, a Canadian marijuana company that recently partnered with a subsidiary of cigarette maker British American Tobacco to develop new products, is predicting increasing regulations coming to the CBD space. Organigram CEO Greg Engel says the regulatory landscape for CBD is soon to change. “We’re going to see tightening... Read more
Elixinol Global buys Germany’s CannaCare in cash-and-stock deal
CBD maker Elixinol Global has acquired German CBD brand CannaCare Health GmbH as it executes its strategy to pursue market opportunities in Europe. Elixinol said it is buying the company for 3 million euros in cash ($3.6 million) plus 6 million euros in Elixinol shares ($7.2 million). The deal... Read more
Largest human CBD trial launches with eye toward checking safety of trace THC
The largest-yet human CBD toxicological trial has been launched in Europe to check the effects of consuming trace amounts of THC. The European Industrial Hemp Association says it will assess 200 CBD users for a 30-day period. The association tells UK-based Cannabis Health News that the goal is to... Read more
Mexico’s lower house approves landmark hemp, MJ legalization bill
Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies has approved a bill to allow regulated marijuana and hemp industries. But the pending law still has hurdles to overcome and it could be years before a flourishing industry emerges. Lawmakers in Mexico’s lower house voted largely in support of the bill, with 316 votes... Read more
Hemp in the Time of COVID-19: Executives reflect on pandemic’s anniversary
No part of the global economy has escaped the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed more than 2.5 million lives around the world and sickened countless more. But few industries were in the kind of infancy the hemp industry was in when the World Health Organization declared the virus a... Read more
Chart: US hemp legalization hasn’t cooled imports
Hemp imports were cited as a main driver for Congress voting in 2014 to authorize limited experimentation with the crop after decades of head-scratching policies allowing hemp to be bought and sold in the United States — as long as it was grown somewhere else. But hemp exports have... Read more
MJBizCon announces return to Las Vegas Oct. 20-22
MJBizCon will return as a live, in-person event in Las Vegas this October, barring any unforeseen developments related to the coronavirus pandemic, Marijuana Business Daily announced Monday. The 10th annual cannabis trade show, the largest in the industry, is scheduled to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center... Read more
Customs and Border Protection accused of wrongly blocking trimmer components
A Canadian manufacturing company that makes agricultural equipment for the marijuana and hemp industries is accusing U.S. Customs and Border Protection of wrongly blocking imports needed by its Washington state subsidiary to build a hemp-trimming machine. Keirton USA says that Customs agents seized last month in Blaine, Washington, calling... Read more

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