Canada’s hemp farmers suggest tax to fund national promotion, research
Some Canadian hemp farmers want to see their country capitalize on hemp’s trendiness by starting an agency to promote the plant’s health benefits and research better ways to grow it. The farmers want to tax their hemp sales at 0.5%, with the money going to fund promotions and research, similar to... Read more
Hemp on the ballot in key states, with THC limits and production rules on the line
Hemp changes don’t garner public attention the same way marijuana questions do, but ballot measures in a few key states could have a big impact on those markets. Voters in Colorado, the nation’s top-producing hemp state, will decide Nov. 6 whether to change the state constitution to make it... Read more
Marijuana Stocks: Recreational VS Medical
The legal marijuana stock market has been one of the most exciting industries to participate and invest in for some time now, but new updates to legislation have made it easier than ever to get involved in the space. Within the legal marijuana market are two distinct industries. The... Read more
Do These Marijuana Stocks Have Intrinsic Value?
The marijuana stock market has managed to be one of the more confusing markets to participate in if one doesn’t know the ins and outs of how an infant industry works. In the last several months, we’ve seen a vast increase in the amount of interested investors within the... Read more
Researchers have discovered that a compound found in certain species of moss-like plants called liverworts has properties similar to THC from cannabis. Jürg Gertsch of the University of Bern in Switzerland and a team of researchers recently published their findings in the journal Scientific Advances. Some species in the liverwort genus Radula... Read more
Academia joins CBD research boom, offering new market opportunities
Lack of significant research on the effect of cannabinoids has long been a bane to the CBD and hemp industries. But in the wake of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s decision to reschedule some cannabis-derived products, researchers are looking for ways to open and capitalize on new markets and... Read more
Marijuana Stocks Bounce Back From Hard Hit
The marijuana stock market in the past few weeks has been plagued by a downtrend that has hit the whole of the market and not just cannabis. Many factors have played into this such as tightening tariffs and issues surrounding Saudi Arabian human rights, but it seems as though... Read more
The Reason For the Marijuana Stock Slump
The marijuana stock market has remained incredibly successful for some time now, but in recent times varying news has speculatively affected in the industry. The marijuana industry, however, is still very much in its infant stages which means that speculation still very much affects the fluctuations of the space.... Read more
Marijuana Stock Market Sees Correction Throughout the Space
The marijuana stock market has managed to remain quite resilient throughout most of the market corrections that happen quite often, but in recent times, the industry has not been able to opt out of the most recent bout of news that has caused most of the top stocks in... Read more
Marijuana Stocks And Potential Export to the U.S.
Marijuana based companies have been working in recent times to begin exporting product to the U.S. as it represents one of the largest markets for cannabis in the world. This has helped to give a solid boost to the marijuana stock market over the past few months as the... Read more

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