Why Should Cannabis Be Legalized?
There has undoubtedly been a longstanding debate since the prohibition of marijuana in the early 20th century as to whether or not cannabis should be legalized. In the present day, the support for the legalization of the substance has been extremely overwhelming in places like the U.S. and Canada,... Read more
The Marijuana Stocks With High Expectations Throughout Years End
The marijuana stock market has had a great deal of news which has helped to bring in a whole new series of investors and those interested into the marijuana space. The current state of acceptance in the marijuana stock market has created an ecosystem ripe with opportunity. Unlike other... Read more
Chart: Opportunity in CBD-only stores limited, but strong growth expected for other channels
As state laws around cannabidiol continue to change, stand-alone CBD stores may become a relic. According to estimates from Hemp Industry Daily in the 2018 Hemp & CBD Industry Factbook, CBD sales in the U.S. are expected to exceed $1 billion by 2020. More than half (55%) of retail respondents to a survey for... Read more
Marijuana Stocks Become A Top Priority On Wall Street: One Stands Out
Canada officially joined the states of California, Massachusetts, Maine, Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and Oregon as the first G-7 country to give the green light to the adult use of cannabis on Wednesday. Numerous investors are hyped up about the opening of Canada’s recreational marijuana industry. A popular cannabis company,... Read more
Today is The Big Day For Legal Cannabis In Canada
There is no doubt that legal cannabis and the surrounding market has been quite a paradigm shift throughout world markets, but legal recreational marijuana in Canada will now help to define a new era of the industry. Although individual states throughout the U.S. have been considered to be the... Read more
The Biggest Cannabis Stocks to Benefit From Recreational Legalization
The cannabis industry has been one of the most exciting markets to watch and take part in over the course of the past few years, but new updates to legislation and the changing public paradigm of the industry have all contributed to an even more exciting market of the... Read more
Canada hemp changes could disrupt global CBD markets, but US producers hopeful
When Canada’s legal recreational marijuana market launches Wednesday, the nation will also allow its roughly 250 hemp farmers to sell flower for CBD extraction – a change that could have a global impact on CBD prices. “There are a lot of hemp producers who have been saving and drying... Read more
Donald Trump Stands In Support For Federal Marijuana Reform
President Trump has the intentions to work towards legalizing medical marijuana on a federal level following next month’s midterm races, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, stated this past Thursday. The Trump administration has made a “solid commitment” to change marijuana regulations, and the president has expressed his views in... Read more
Investors Get Into High Gear As They Prepare for Recreational Cannabis in Canada
The Canadian cannabis market has been one of the most important sectors of the industry as whole for some time now. With legislation in favor of the substance, it seems as though Canada can continue to be a test case for how a successful cannabis industry can run in... Read more
Marijuana Stocks Resilient to Market Drop
The cannabis market has remained notoriously successful for some time now amidst changing regulations and the public opinion of the substance shifting as well. With this has come a lot of speculative trading and trading that is simply based on some of the top performers in the market. Interestingly... Read more

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