Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Brings New Investors Into the Market
The cannabis industry of recent has continued to astound investors expectations as new companies come into the market and gains are frequent. As regulations continue to shift and the public opinion of cannabis changes as well, it seems as though the future of the market is even more exciting... Read more
The Intrinsic Value of Small-Cap Cannabis Stocks
The cannabis market has managed to remain on a serious uptrend for some time now amidst changing regulation and the shifting market altogether. With new laws going into place around the world and the public opinion of the substance also changing it seems as though the cannabis market of... Read more
10 ways marijuana company executives can adapt to surging CBD sales
(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the October issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) CBD and THC coexist in the cannabis plant. But can they coexist in the cannabis market? Executives at some THC-focused cannabis companies are growing concerned they will lose profits and market share... Read more
Marijuana Stocks Update: Ok Canada, Your Move
We’ve been “Connecting the Dots” for about a month now and our newest “Connect The Dots” feature, Integrated Cannabis Company  (ICNAF)(ICAN) continues its bull run. One of the most exciting things about the latest market moves ICNAF/ICAN has been making is that it has seen many technical breakouts form... Read more
Cannabis Continues to Lead Investing Trends
The cannabis market has seen a large amount of interest over the course of the past several years, but in recent times updates to legislation and the changing public perception of cannabis have both contributed to even larger growth in the space overall. Many stocks have been able to... Read more
What Voting Will Look Like for Cannabis in the U.S.
We all know that November is coming up which is the time where Americans get to decide the future of the coming years. With that said, a large amount of the focus of the upcoming vote has been spent on cannabis and what will happen to individual states in... Read more
This Marijuana ETF Is Comprised of Top Notch Companies
The cannabis market has remained extremely lucrative over the course of the past several years of the industry. With new regulations going into place and the public opinion of the substance changing rapidly, it seems as though more and more companies are able to move to the forefront of... Read more
Europe is Becoming a Hotbed for Cannabis
The cannabis market throughout the U.S. and North America has been notoriously successful for some time now as new innovation and the changing political stance of the industry has all helped to unify a once taboo market. With eyes set on the future, it seems as though the next... Read more
Capitalizing on CBD: Seniors primed for nonintoxicating cannabis, but marketing needs to shift
Photo by Kristen Nichols (This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the September issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Talking about CBD in a nursing home? You’d better bring extra chairs and slices of cake for the overflow crowd. Your audience will be all ears. That was... Read more
Cannabis Stocks to Take a Look At In October
The cannabis market has been moving forward with a massive amount of propensity toward the future. With new legislation going into place around the world and in North America specifically, it seems as though now is a better time than ever to take a look at the marijuana industry.... Read more

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