Small-Cap Cannabis Companies Continue to Show Promise
The cannabis market as a whole has remained one of the most lucrative and important sectors in recent times, but new efforts for legalization and the changing public space on cannabis has all contributed to an extremely interesting market to watch and participate in. Most news in the market... Read more
Marijuana Stocks: In Case You Forget, This Is How To Connect The Dots
It was only a few weeks ago that Marijuana Stocks re-introduced everyone to what our “Connect The Dots” features are all about (Article Here). Over the last four years, we have selected less than ten companies as a “Connect the Dots” feature and we take great pride in providing you... Read more
Financial benefits of legal cannabis taxation at the state and local level
Taxes and fees are revenue-raising devices to fund government; therefore, one key aspect of cannabis taxation is to collect revenues off the privilege to sell and consume marijuana. Legalization of marijuana has allowed state and local governments to do just that. As of 2018, twenty-nine states and the District... Read more
Big Name Cannabis Companies Bounce Back
The cannabis industry of recent has been shown to have a large amount of ups and downs as investors become comfortable with space and the public continues to back approval of the marijuana-based legislation. For this reason, many cannabis companies have seen their prices fluctuate, also due to the... Read more
Alternative Investments for the Cannabis Space
Marijuana has remained a highly interesting industry to watch and take part in over the course of the past several months to years. New legislation however and the changing public perception of cannabis have all contributed to a very different economic landscape than previous times. The cannabis industry has... Read more
A Bullish Case For This Pot Stock: Integrated Cannabis Company (ICNAF) (ICAN)
Integrated Cannabis Company (ICNAF)(ICAN) has been in focus since releasing it as our newest Connect The Dots feature over 2 weeks ago. Since initiating coverage on this company, we’ve seen several key developments and technical patterns trigger strong momentum in the market; this could be just the beginning in... Read more
DEA takes CBD off Schedule 1 – with FDA’s approval
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has taken some cannabidiol off the most restrictive class of controlled substances, a move that allows the sale of the first nonsynthetic, cannabis-derived medicine to win federal approval. The agency announced Thursday that drugs including “finished dosage formulations” of CBD with THC below 0.1%... Read more
Hemp Notebook: What the railroad industry can teach today’s hemp businesses
(This is an abridged version of a column that appears in the September issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.) Hemp is in an economic fast lane, with new ventures starting every day. So, it may seem odd to say modern entrepreneurs should consider 19th century railroads. But those railroad magnates faced... Read more
Cannabis Stocks Make a Comeback
The cannabis industry of recent has been quite topsy-turvy for some time now amidst legislative issues and the infancy of the market. Given how new the industry is, many of the stocks in the market trade-off of the idea of speculation which can affect the intrinsic value of many... Read more
How technology is changing the budding cannabis industry
The legal cannabis market is estimated to be worth $145.4 billion by 2025, according to a report conducted by Grand View Research. This budding industry’s rampant growth is fueled by rising public attitudes towards cannabis consumption and new technology designed to create more ways to utilize cannabis aside from... Read more

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