Surprise: Seniors are becoming the fastest-growing medical cannabis users demographic
Is history repeating itself? A generation of counterculture-era youngsters adopted “Turn on, tune out, drop out” as their mantra following Timothy Leary’s San Francisco proclamation in 1966. For the average 17-year-old, the lure of marijuana and other mind-altering substances offered opportunities to ditch their inhibitions and ignore convention. Today,... Read more
Law enforcement tools that are being developed to determine if an individual is under the influence of marijuana
Everyone knows that driving under the influence is a crime. However, while police officers have a full arsenal of tools to determine whether or not an individual has been impaired from drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a car, it is more difficult to determine when a... Read more
How legal cannabis has support from both political parties
There is a widespread perception that marijuana legalization is only a Democratic Party priority. Perhaps in the past this was true. However, shifting attitudes on the part of the public have made potential legalization a bipartisan issue drawing Republican support as well. The trend over the past two decades... Read more
How edibles are quickly becoming the preferred choice for many legal cannabis users
Marijuana has long been a discrete part of daily life in the US. While it was once only associated with young people in their rebellious years, however, it’s become so normal that it’s the new recreational pastime of the middle aged according to a recent article in the Washington... Read more
Livin’ Legal: How Legalizing Weed Has Positively Affected The Public
The United States has had a very complicated history with cannabis. While “stoner culture” was joked about light heartedly in media and entertainment, marijuana was simultaneously scheduled as a level 1 narcotic along with some of the most dangerous and addictive drugs available. This dichotomy left us feeling conflicted,... Read more
How The Legal Cannabis Industry Is Having A Positive Financial impact on local economies
In a growing number of cities and states throughout the U.S., the sale of cannabis for medicinal and recreational use is now legal. In 31 states, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam, people can purchase and use cannabis with a doctor’s recommendation. In 9... Read more
How the Legal Cannabis Industry is positioned to Exceed Alcohol Sales Nationally within the Next Five Years
The legal cannabis market is projected to hit 146.4 billion dollars by 2025 globally. This is according to a recent Grand View Research, Inc. report. The plant has been greatly adopted in various medical applications, including chronic pain (caused by arthritis, HIV/AIDS, and neurological disorders), mental disorders, and cancer,... Read more
How science and technology are helping to bring new and innovative cannabis products to market
In the last three decades, the cannabis industry has revolutionized drastically. It started with the legalization of medical marijuana in California in 1996. Later in 2012, states like Colorado and Washington also legalized the use of recreational marijuana. Now, more than half of the states have authorized the use... Read more
How CBD is poised to become the next “wonder drug”
Cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD is a drug that is a derivative of the cannabis plant and has become popular because of its therapeutic advantages. The market for CBD continues to grow with sales topping $820 million in 2017 alone. As it stands, the market for Cannabidiol products is... Read more
Financial benefits of legal cannabis taxation at the state and local level
Taxes and fees are revenue-raising devices to fund government; therefore, one key aspect of cannabis taxation is to collect revenues off the privilege to sell and consume marijuana. Legalization of marijuana has allowed state and local governments to do just that. As of 2018, twenty-nine states and the District... Read more

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